On the Water

Toys available on the Princess Iluka include:

  • 2 x ocean free kayaks – for beginners or experienced paddlers and great in the waves or for daily exercise
  • 2 x jet skis, Honda R12 – experience the thrill as you zip around on the water or just take a gentle afternoon cruise
  • Water skis, kneeboard, ski biscuit – great fun for all ages
  • 2 x full scuba diving set for experienced divers
  • Full snorkelling and swimming gear provided
  • Power dive unit – for the inexperienced diver or for the person who wishes to experience underwater breathing connected to the surface via an air hose. The crew will provide instructions and supervision
  • Golf driving range from the upper deck – practise your golf drive on a very unique course – the ocean, while the crew retrieve the floating golf balls from the jet skis.

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